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Frequently Asked Questions.

1). How do I use the site.

All you need is to follow 5 Simple Steps.

a). Select the city you live in.

b). Login-You wont be allowed to proceed without logging in.

c) Enter User Name and Password and then

d) Click Place an add

e) Select Catogory and just follow the instructions ......

 You can upload up to maximum of three pictures or images

for your items.

It's as simple as that.

2).How can I change or modify the add which i have already placed.
Go back to the item that you have placed & make whatever changes you want to make & click submit again.

3).How long will my add stay on the site.
It depends on the number of days that you have selected.
You can renew the add after that. You will be charged as new listing after that.

4). What if I decide to cancell my posting.
Go back to the original posting section and and press delete or cancell.

NO refund will be given.

5).Can I post something that is not on the listing or the Catogory.

Yes you can. You can place your add under Miscelleous or General headings.

6).Can I add any HTML or does it have to be plain text when I place my add.

Yes . Only a simple HTML text.

7). Can I report any add that I feel that is Vulcar or simply raceist or of a sexual nature.

Yes, please do.We will appreciate your support in keeping our site clean.
Unlike the majority of the sites these days,we are the only site determine to keep a clean mirror image.

We prohibit any posting that is of a sexual nature either explicit or implicit or any kind.
We will delete the listing immediately and no refund or explanation will be given.
If anyone found soliciting sex or selling drugs or involved in anykind of
illegal activities which are contrary to our policies.The individual / individuals will be banned from participating in our site for life & their name and e-mail addresses will be placed in our banned list.

8). Will I receive any notification that my add has been accepted.
Yes , you will receive an e-mail notification immediately to say that the add has been accepted.
Please allow about 15 to 20 minutes for the add to appear on the site.

9).Will my details passed on or sold off to any third parties.
No.Your details are secure with us. It will not be sold or traded with any organisation.
However,we have the right to review this policy from time to time.

10).Under the ''Publish your CV coloumb'' can I publish my detailed CV.
No. You can only publish a brief CV words not more than 100 words.
We created this unique space,so that hundreds and thousands of people can view your CV at no extra cost and help in anyway we can if you are looking for an employment in your area or around the world.
Yes, post onto Lucas Notice Board.com

11).How long will these FREE LISTINGS in all catogories will stay.
It will stay as long as we want it to stay.We reserve the right to
withdraw this offer at anytime without any notifications.

12).Is there any listing that will be charged at this present moment.
Yes. The Featured / Priority listings.

13).What is PAID LISTING or Priority listing.
It means that your listing will be put on top of the
normal free listings in a separate section.

This allows your listing to be seen by
people quickly by just clicking  PAID LISTING.

Your listing will be placed in a special section created on top of the normal free listing. Your listing will stay at the top until the expiry date of the listing.

14).What if I cancell the listing before the expiry date.
You can cancell the listing but no refund will be given if its a paid listing.

15). How do I publish or enter my CV details on the site.

Choose the catogory '' Publish Your CV '' select which country or state you want your CV to appear , select the number of days you want your CV to remain in the listing and follow the rest and publish your your CV in the

AD Description box which is provided.

If you want your CV to appear in the FEATURED LISTING , follow the same proceedures but you will be charged for this listing.

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