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Advertising on the LucasNoticeBoard.com Web site gives you access to our large and rapidly expanding groups of classified advertisers, business professionals, commercial companies and the wider community out there. Your product, services and your requirements will be seen in 100's cities & countries.

Creative Specs

Full Banner

  • 468 x 60 pixels. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 40k (maximum) file size.
  • Displayed throughout the site next to the LucasNoticeBoard.com logo in the masthead: costs/month (non-rotating).

Rectangle Banners

  • 375 x 215 pixels. GIF, JPEG, or Flash. 80k (maximum) file size.
  • Displayed on the home page of all city sites (below classifieds & above footer): costs/month (non-rotating).

Custom arrangements may be available upon request, and are subject to a premium. All ad space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Content of Advertisements

Advertising should not contain material that LucasNoticeBoard.com considers to constitute or promote discrimination. No adult material, gambling or tobacco advertising will be accepted.

LucasNoticeBoard.com reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time.


We require a letter from the advertiser or agent, ordering the advertising at least three days before the advertising is scheduled to run.


Payment for all insertions must be made in advance.

Contact us

Email us your ideas and requirements to info@lucasboard.com. We will get back to you with more options, details & costs.

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