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Welcome to Lucas Notice Board.com

Who are we and what is the purpose of Lucas Notice Board.com

The aim of Lucas Notice Board.com is to bring about the globalaization of the communities together by means of letting people to advertise their services and products local , national and internationaly for FREE.

YES - FREE MEANS FREE ----- See our terms and conditions-----

We have created cities and countries - the USA, U.K, Australia,Malaysia,Singapore,India,Thailand,france and many more and the major cities in each country- We are UK's first biggest website for people to advertise classifieds FREE in each city and each country for accommodation, houses , flats buy /rentals. Jobs availabilities, find a maid , nanny , baby sitter, chefs,piano teacher,tuition,advertise your local event , anything that is lying around the house and you want to get rid of them and many more.

We have created a section for WANT IT NOW !!! . So if you are desparate for certain type of item or goods, concert tickets that you could not buy or certain collectable items, then look no further.

Just advertise or put an add and hundreds around the country or around the world will contact you. You name it and someone will have it. It is that simple !!!.

SMS - Short Messaging Service. Yes you can also send sms to anyone anywhere through LNB site at no extra cost !!!

We have provided a simple and easy-to-use guidelines that lets you quickly find you might be looking for.

  • If you feel that you can play a part in improving our services then please contribute to our feedback forum. We love feedback from you, for example, how we could improve our site, new cities and categories that could be added to our site.
  • How to Contact us :

            E-mail : info@lucasboard.com

          Add : P.O Box 7581,Bishop's Stortford , Herts , CM23 5WE, U.K  

 For any clarifications or help on anything to do with our FREE classified ads please click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

  • Please see our terms and conditions for more information on our working guidelines and company policies.

Many Thanks.
Team Lucas ,

Lucas , Ai Woon , Melissa , Carmelia and Jasmine.

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